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# Title Genre Length
1 Other 6:27
2 Hip-Life 6:04
3 Hi-Life 6:00
4 Hilife 5:58
5 Hilife 5:33
6 Hilife 5:21
7 Other 6:9
8 Hiplife 5:38
9 Hi-Life 10:00
10 Hi-Life 8:02
11 Hip-Life 5:22
12 Hi-Life 6:16
13 Unknown 10:21
14 Unknown 5:15
15 Other 4:22
16 Other 5:16
17 Classical 5:37
18 Other 5:44
19 Pop 4:50
20 Unknown 6:11
21 Other 5:22
22 Other 4:35
23 Other 5:43
24 Other 5:16
25 Other 5:33
26 Other 5:23
27 Other 4:56
28 Unknown 4:58
29 Unknown 4:58
30 Other 5:06
31 Unknown 4:33
32 Other 3:12
33 Unknown 0:00
34 Other 4:52
35 Other 5:12
36 Unknown 5:25
37 Unknown 5:27
38 High Life 0:00
39 Other 4:00
40 Other 6:15
41 Blues 5:19
42 Unknown 6:9
43 Unknown 4:14
44 Other 5:10
45 Unknown 6:19
46 Unknown 5:34
47 Unknown 4:51
48 Other 5:07
49 Unknown 5:49
50 Other 6:23

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m454545-d commented 9 years ago
i love this song.....WHATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
owusu3 commented 9 years ago
kboamah commented 9 years ago
nice selection
Gerry commented 10 years ago
Medo no is the best song ever sang by Lumba, i love the song so so much!!
maaAkua commented 10 years ago
love "se sumye kasa a" who am i DL
mensahafreh commented 10 years ago
this guy is really talented. keep the good work ma brother, and stay blessed
nana commented 10 years ago
NANA SAKYI commented 10 years ago
okyerebour commented 10 years ago
DL,no size.
Pelle commented 10 years ago
Nice list count123 you know the music I like haha Lumbabe da best
maaame Tema commented 10 years ago
dady lumba debee!!!!!!!!!no size
Faustina Appiah commented 10 years ago
I love this song
Nana frimpong commented 10 years ago
I just love this selections, am feeling it here. dady de bee keke
kobydear commented 10 years ago
This track reminds me of my friend Rex who passed away in 2008. We are only here for the moment and will ll move one someday. Lets learn to love, forgive and live life. RIP Forro.
kofi appiah, united states commented 10 years ago
lumba is a legend, u r the best.
Kessie commented 10 years ago
Kool one there, thanks
John Archer commented 10 years ago
I admire Daddy Lumba because he always say the truth about life in Europe. How we sell our pride because of money.
nii 2 commented 10 years ago
still the best researched touching out there thanks
yaa commented 10 years ago
amazing song missed old days!! thnks
pompomphii commented 10 years ago
daddy is the best he is uncomparable
benkofi77 commented 10 years ago
i love this music
joe bata commented 10 years ago
de selection be wonderful
comfort commented 10 years ago
i love this song!
clement-thunder commented 10 years ago
daddy all the way
rap mesiah commented 10 years ago
wat a great musician....lumba u da best man.....
nana konamahh commented 10 years ago
dis site de beee
PERCY commented 10 years ago
love DL
Mike commented 10 years ago
Benjamin Agyei Ankamah commented 10 years ago
love every song of yours , you are the best and it keeping me going thanks a lot.
george commented 10 years ago
Daddy u the best.
SENSA commented 10 years ago
Yaw Owusu Apau commented 11 years ago
This has been my all time favourite from talented K Fosu
Nana Okogyeasuo Sempremo commented 11 years ago
Lumba is a real music supremo.A virtuoso in his own right.I'm happy to have taught him in secondary school.
speedo commented 11 years ago
oh dear old school
count123 commented 11 years ago
be sure to check out my other playlists under construction and i promise you will love it. GHANA THE TROPICAL MUSIC PARADISE
martin commented 11 years ago
daddy lumba you such as president in republic of Ghana
ras kojo commented 11 years ago
daddy thank for making my day
martin commented 11 years ago
god bless the person who made this lovely GALIZUR.COM
yaw commented 11 years ago
love every song, keep it up
Joe commented 11 years ago
Am at work and this is keeping me going. Great tracks, lov eeach one of them.
Faustie commented 11 years ago
Daddy u are e best, n u will remain e best of all times, keep bringing us e best.
edlover commented 11 years ago
ogyomtofuo hene lumba,,,,big up to you dady with more good music
trudy commented 11 years ago
omgg i luv all his song daddy lumba
Maakua commented 11 years ago
Great selections. Thank you! love this site
Nii commented 11 years ago
Thank you for putting this list togther.Nice one
dadyy luumbaa
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